New Clients | 30-DAY EXPIRATION


Let's Get Started...

STEP 1: Take a look at our online class schedule.

STEP 2: Create an account for online scheduling and future reservation cancellations.

STEP 3: Choose your desired pricing option and schedule your first class.


Vixen has helped transform my life. I am healthier than I have ever been. My body confidence has grown. Before Vixen, shorts and showing my stomach made me so uncomfortable. My biggest fear was a swim suit. Now I feel sexy in short shorts and a crop top. I love all the instructors. They are so kind and knowledgeable. Each brings something unique to the classes they teach. The atmosphere is so welcoming.
— Amy L.
My favorite workout! I’ve taken a lot of group workout classes but Vixen Fitness is the one place I keep coming back to!
— Maggie W.
It’s been more than a year since I signed up and still I feel the same way about Vixen Fitness. I love it. It’s a great/different workout and that is what I really love. I run and do others things but I need to drag myself to do them but not pole fitness.
— Yadrianna S.
Best workout I’ve had in a long time. There are muscles I forgot I had. Seriously the staff is awesome and you quickly get over feeling intimidated by the pole!
— Caitlyn L.

Questions + Answers

  • What class should I start with?

    All new students to Vixen must start with level 1 classes or any workshop that indicates no experience required.

  • I have pole experience from another studio. Do I have to take level 1 classes?

    That’s awesome and we’d love to have you at Vixen, but all studios are different. To ensure a fun (and safe) experience for all students, instructors and you, all new clients to Vixen must start with level 1 classes. Sorry, but we can’t take your word for it and let you take any class you desire. Our trained instructors will move you up the ranks as needed with a proper assessment and approve you for other classes in due time, but you must start with level 1 and move up through other levels at our instructors discretion. Please see all class descriptions for additional details.

  • What should I wear to class? Do I have to wear heels?

    Please see the class descriptions for recommended attire. Heels are encouraged for most classes, but always optional.

  • Can I come in to watch a class first?

    No. Out of respect for the students actually participating in class, we don’t allow spectators. Besides, you wouldn't want anyone watching you right? ;)

  • Do I have to pay or pre-register online?

    Yes, we have limited space and require that you reserve your space in advance online with payment.

  • Can men come to classes?

    No. Our classes are for women only ages 18 and older.