Our  Story

Vixen Dance is a boutique pole dance fitness studio designed exclusively for women. Our mission is to provide a supportive space where women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels can appreciate their bodies and enjoy a unique pole dancing workout. Our approach to pole dancing is fun, sprinkled with sexy and complemented by traditional fitness elements. Vixen is the brainchild of Danielle Green and when asked about the conception of Vixen Dance, she loves to share the story.

“Shortly after the birth of my first son, I was introduced to pole dancing as a dare with a few girlfriends. I was hooked, quickly purchased a pole for my home and turned to it as my outlet for fitness. It didn’t take long to notice changes in my body, confidence and that it was the only workout I was actually sticking to. In 2006, I joined a Canada based party company and I set out on a mission to share my passion of pole dancing with women of Metro-Detroit through home parties. The demand for parties was extremely high and my business thrived on word-of-mouth referrals. Women would come into the parties shy and hesitant to participate, but leave with restored confidence, a new found awareness of their body and eagerness to learn more. After a year of teaching home parties, the light bulb went off! Metro-Detroit women needed a place they felt comfortable to explore their sensuality, pole dancing and get a fun workout they’d actually stick to. From that, Vixen Dance (formerly Vixen Fitness) was born and the first location opened February 2007 in Detroit, MI.”


Our Team